ETONIX APPAREL LTD. formerly ETONIX KNITTING FACTORY LTD., was first established in 1979 in Hong Kong. From its humble beginnings in OEM manufacturing using largely manual labour and manual knitting machine, it had witnessed the evolution of the garment industry over the past three decades. At the same time, Etonix had evolved well suited for the market in the 21st century by the solid vision from the leadership of its management and the passion in making a good sweater in each and every one of its employees.

In 2002, Etonix underwent a planned succession into its second-generation ownership. Combining a childhood of growing up amongst yarn and modern manufacturing techniques and business acumen acquired from a master degree in industrial engineering from University of Toronto. This transition infused Etonix’s senior management and culture with a new wave of energy while at the same time maintaining the technical and industrial know how acquired from over thirty years in the business.

Building on this steeped tradition in making sweaters, Etonix is very conscious in ensuring staffs are up to date on the latest industry trends in design, materials and manufacturing techniques. Recognized by its client for providing these value added services, from material souring, design collaborations, ODM and continuously exploring the cutting edge in material used and manufacturing techniques. While without the resource that some of the bigger players in the industry may have, Etonix overcome this by leading these initiatives from the very top and instilling such passion to each and every one of its employees.

Our showroom in Hong Kong is just steps away from the Kwun Tong subway station and contains a well-categorized collection of samples exhibiting different manufacturing techniques and styling. It is where Etonix staffs brainstorm and showcase their latest ideas, thus it is a great place for designers and alike to come meet with us to discuss and to plan their upcoming seasons. Should you give us advanced notice of your expectations and area of interests, we will make your trip to see us worth your while. And if time allows, you are always welcome to visit our factory in Huizhou, Guangdong province, PRC, only 2 1/2 hours drive from our Hong Kong office. Our facility is ISO 9001 certified and BSCI certified, and has been audited and approved for its social compliance to various standards and CT-PAT.

Etonix is a seasoned yacht reinvigorated with a brand new sail. We are grateful to those clients who have been with us on our long and mutually prosperous journey during past seasons, and we invite new partners to set sail with us towards new opportunities in the near future.